Business Process Improvement Provides Improved Control of Resource Capacity Requirements for Large Healthcare Company

Workforce Management Process Evaluation and Resource Capacity Planning Tool Improves Resource Capacity and Utilization for Large Healthcare Company

Lacking visibility into resource utilization and requirements, a large healthcare company struggled to proactively manage its resources and track individual productivity. Performance and work quality remained inconsistent without a formalized methodology for projecting resource supply and demand.

To address these issues and improve resource utilization, The Northridge Group conducted a comprehensive review of the company’s existing workforce management processes to uncover gaps and increase process efficiency. Northridge developed a customized resource capacity planning tool that determined the optimal resources for a particular workflow or service, and ensured all resources were allocated effectively.

As a result of the tool, the large healthcare company realized improved decision-making and process control, better utilization of resources and a shift to a self-serve business model—ultimately improving forecasting and operational efficiency. 

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