Business Process Improvement Drives 30% Cycle Time Improvement for a Fortune 50 Enterprise

Northridge Helps Fortune 50 Enterprise Achieve 30% Cycle Time Improvement and Increased Customer Satisfaction through Business Process Improvements

Plagued by a complex array of new product rollout issues, a Fortune 50 client was providing a substandard customer experience with installation intervals. Operational silos prevented an accurate diagnosis of the problem, hindering the client’s ability to effectively remedy the problem and to achieve planned revenue goals.

Leveraging a depth of industry and business process management expertise, The Northridge Group executed an end-to-end process review that uncovered the issues within the organization’s operational silos. Based on these insights, Northridge provided a specific and actionable roadmap that detailed necessary process changes across the enterprise.

As a result of Northridge’s work, the client experienced 30% improvement in cycle time as well as dramatically increased customer satisfaction—clearing the way for the client to achieve revenue recognition targets going forward.

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