Advanced Data Analytics

Greater Insights Through Advanced Data Analytics

Most organizations are inundated with data. Customer data, operational data, financial data, digital data. Then there's structured data, unstructured data, rich and complex sources of data that contain valuable information. Yet, many organizations struggle with extracting meaningful insights or answers to the most critical questions due to the complexities of mining and analyzing massive amounts of disparate data sets.

The Northridge Group specializes in leveraging Advanced Analytical techniques to help our clients garner the insights they need to make better and more informed business decisions. We incorporate aspects of Advanced Data Analytics in many of our Customer Experience and Management Consulting engagements. We also provide standalone Advanced Data Analytics services, leveraging our unique blend of technical and business competencies to deliver impactful outcomes.

The Northridge Approach

data analytics


Northridge Advanced Data Analytics Capabilities

At Northridge, we provide end-to-end data analytics solutions to some clients, while others seek to augment their current efforts with just a component of our services. Below are the components of our Advanced Data Analytics service. 

advanced analytics

Extraction - Extracting data from a wide range of structured and unstructured sources.  Establishing structure that allows for data mining and analytics.

Storage - Providing consulting support services with storage management and facilities needed to support large data environments.

Cleansing - Cleansing and organizing data to ensure the integrity required to accurately mine and analyze data.

Mining - Discovering insights within a database to make predictions and decisions based on the data you have on-hand.

Analyzing - Breaking data down and assessing the impact of those patterns overtime. Asking specific questions and finding the correct answers within the data. 

Visualizations - Data visualizations convey complex data insights in a user-friendly and visual medium.  Northridge’s tool of choice for visualization is Tableau. 

Integration - Integrating data outputs with other client platforms.

Example Data Visualization 


Creating visibility to customer, operational and financial insights through analytics is what we are about at Northridge - solving complex problems by combining operational expertise with state of the art tools so that our clients can achieve their loftiest goals and aspirations.

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