Our Approach

Monitoring Quality for Customer Impact

Customer experience is a priority for leading organizations, but many quality monitoring programs fail to drive results to the level required by the business. Many in-house programs simply lack the time and resources to deliver honest feedback on a routine basis.

Northridge’s third party quality monitoring service is designed to objectively listen with an analytical ear, capturing and analyzing critical customer insights, and converting customer feedback into a true business advantage.

The Northridge Difference

  • A highly-trained, U.S.-based monitoring team comprised of behavioral psychologists and multi-lingual customer service professionals.
  • A three-point program design (vs. a checkbox approach), which provides deeper insight into changes in call quality and drives performance with tight correlation to critical KPIs.
  • An omni-channel quality monitoring solution, allowing evaluation of calls, email, chat and social media channels.
  • Actionable, behavioral-based insights that enable meaningful and targeted coaching between supervisors and agents.
  • Dynamic and drillable reporting that measures performance results at all site levels - from program to agent.
  • A self-service reporting portal that enables transparency and real-time access to monitoring results.
  • A scalable, secure and interactive technology platform that seamlessly supports our operational capabilities. 

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